Facebooking Wolfram?

Well this may seems to be oddly but that is true. You know who can use your private data ? Only you? Well we all know that  NSA, Google, Flamengo cheers and others collect, process, investigate and even judge you by your data.

friends scattere all around the world

Well if you think that reading some emails, private message  is not too dangerous, quite difficult, boring or whatever, it is time to know better about the power of Maths, programming and mass information.


Well it is time to have fun and using mathematics, programming or just new cool apps.

Clearly if you think Wolfram, may use your data for some obscure spying or surveillance, be cool, fb already does Dat!

It is time to analyse or at least a little of your data!
What you have to do is go to

1. www.wolframalpha.com

2. type facebook

3. click on analyze my facebook data.

And voila you data are analyzed.

Showing for example from where are you friends in the world or in your country (first figure), your network (second one), your most liked posts and more.

This is how my friend are scattered around the world.

Or you can take a look at how connected are your friends and trace down the ones isolated or in small groups.


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